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Profit and Loss Sheets

If you are serious about betting, or if you are a tipster, then you really need to keep track of your bets. I am currently developing a free to use Profit and Loss Webpage that will perform this task as simply as possible.

To create your own Profit and Loss page just enter your details into the form below - the name for the page needs to be unique and can be something like "DavesBets" but cannot contain any spaces or punctuation. If you are happy to share your data then choose "public" otherwise choose "Private" and then only you can see the data, unless you share it.

Enter Name for P&L Page


Private or Public:


The application is still being developed but it will be feature-rich allowing you to analyse your bets closely and maximise profit. A few of the features (both current and planned) are shown below:

Quickly and easily enter tips on a computer, tablet or mobile device

Categorise tips for future analysis

Running P&L total is automatically calculated