Top Tipster


We are currently getting some data together for the site and this is the method used.

1. We look at the ten most recent tips from each tipster, only those that have completed and we can verify the results for.

2. We give a percentage win rate based on these, ie 7 wins out of 10 means a 70% rate. The higher the better of course.

3. We ignore any results that were not a win or loss, ie voids, draws etc. We also ignore results that we cannot verify.

4. We take the odds posted with the bet, these may not be accurate so be aware.

5. We finally give a rating based on how much you would have won or lost if you had bet £10 on each tip. So a rating of +13.40 means you would have won £13.40 over the course of the 10 bets and a negative rating means a loss. This is the most important stat to look at.

6. We will be increasing the sample size as 10 tips isn't really enough but it does give some idea - it's quite time consuming to do this however so bear with us!