Congrats Jimbo's £25-£25K our current Top Tipster with success of 80% and rating of +64.00!

Top Tipster

Coming March 2017

Our free to use Profit and Loss tracker is now available for beta-testing - you can find it here

Top Tipster is still very much work in progress, but I aim to get it working by the end of March 2017

The aim of the site is to rate tipsters and tell you which ones are best and which ones to avoid, ie those that will make you money and those that will lose it!

I am now starting to enter data and hope to have a few dozen tipsters reviewed by March - if you want a tipster reviewing (or you are a tipster yourself and want a review) just email the details to me at thanks.

Below is the first draft of the results table:

# Tipster % Win Rating
1Jimbo's £25-£25K 80%+64.00
2Land Of Inplay80%+51.00
3World tipper VIP80%+44.84
4£20-£200 Tipster90%+42.50
5The InPlay God90%+40.00
7Mr Magroo Tipster80%+28.90
8Boom Challenges80%+26.26
9Mr Magroo Tipster80%+25.30
10world tipper50%+21.90
11INPLAY CHAR70%+21.50
12Home Of Inplays70%+17.80
13Inplay soccer tips 70%+13.40
14Premium Betting Tips80%+12.50
15Inplay Challenges70%+4.00
17MLS - SOCCER - TIPS 50%-1.80
19Betting Boys 50%-25.60

Note that the current sample size is 10 tips, this will be increased. Also the rating is a measure of how much profit/loss you would make by placing a bet of £10 on each tip - the higher the better, negative scores mean a loss would have been made.